Data Release Policy

Our goal is to make sequence data rapidly and broadly available to the scientific community as a community resource. It is our intention to publish the work of this project in a timely fashion, and we welcome collaborative interaction on the project and analyses. However, considerable investment was made in generating these data and we ask that you respect rights of first publication and acknowledgment as outlined in the Toronto agreement (Toronto International Data Release Workshop Authors. Prepublication data sharing. Nature. 2009 Sep 10;461(7261):168-70). By accessing these data, you agree not to publish any articles containing analyses of genes, cell types or transcriptomic data on a whole atlas or tissue scale prior to initial publication by the Tabula Microcebus Consortium and its collaborating scientists. If you wish to make use of restricted data for publication or are interested in collaborating on the analyses of these data, please email us or use the contact form. Redistribution of these data should include the full text of the data use policy.

Donor Characteristics Summary

Data in this table is summarized from donor reports provided by Donor Network West.

NP = not provided

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Processed data available from figshare

Tabula Microcebus on figshare

Annotated objects to use with scanpy and cellxgene are available from figshare